Monday, December 5, 2011

Calosa Events

First Photo for the selection this competition, And alhamdulillah and thank God I am out on selection for the last 100 major..

 2nd photo for selection into the top 10 and I can.. Alhamdulillah :)

And.... TADAAAA !! here it is 10 contestants who qualify for the top 10 to go to Jakrta and perform  quarantine.. GOOD LUCK YOU ALL !


And we all got a new experience that is extraordinary .. get a wide variety of learning from start make up classes, modeling classes, class hijab, and others.
So, I am very grateful to be able to get all this experience, may be useful at a later date ..
thank you for calosa Indonesia who have given me a chance,,
and...... This is main event from "PESONA WAJAH CALOSA 2011" yippiiiyy...

SM*SH supported this event :) 

Here ! we are the Models of  "PESONA WAJAH CALOSA 2011"

With Icon Calosa 2010, Ka Ica ♥ ♥




hope we can meet again..

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