Monday, August 5, 2013



Alhamdulillah, JADE diberi kesempatan untuk tampil di acara Garage Sale, dimana selain memajukan fashion hijab di Indonesia juga untuk beramal loohh :)

Oh yaaaa, kita mau ngenalin NEW MEMBER OF JADE nih,

SHE IS !!!

Her name is "Assyifa Sarah Akbari" 
You can call her "SASA"
To know her let's follow her twitter @Assyifasa
Her Facebook Assyifa Sarah Akbari



 Me On Stage !!!


unfortunately, our personile, " Whida " had a sickness. So, we hope she get well very soon :)

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  1. I love the song "i`m queen" i sang it always. very inspiring song although i don`t understand some of the words but i`m still love it because of the singers behind i love their voices and the way they wear their veil., more power to JADE group. you inspired a lot of people to wear their veil properly and i`m one of it.
    MAKASIH.. :-) More songs to come.... Salam to Ussiy i liked your voice.

    from: Philippines(Muslim)

  2. @Sohaila : Masha Allah, Thank you so much for your big big appreciation for me & all my friends in JADE. Hopefully, we can visit your country and meet up with youu. Amin. Once again, i was very touched. Thank youuu :)

    Love from Me - Indonesia ♥♥♥

    1. Ameen hopefully you can visit here..

      how i wish also to meet you as will as your group in person.
      i really like to visit in your country, to see you perform and finally hear your voices in live. may my dream come true.:-)hihi

      Ussiy will you do me a favor.? i`m turning 20 in this October 29 , will you give me a picture fans sign?
      just write my name and great me as will and put it in a paper and take a picture. write your signature also. thank you

      I`ll wait for the picture..:-)
      consider it as your gift in my birthday.:):)

      i just wanna share it with my FB account. i have some of your photo(JADE) in my Facebook that is how far i liked your group and your my favorite cause i like your beauty the way you wear your veil and dresses and your voice was great.

      from:sohaila at Philippines<3

  3. Sohaila, thanks for your support and your trust for me. I can not say anything other than thank you as much as its big. insha Allah I will do my best for you, especially for October 29th, God willing, I will make my signature Image and I'll send it to you.

    May Allah grant our prayers to be able to meet :) Ameen.

    Love You - Ussiy- ♥

  4. thank you for fulfilling my request. it`s a big honor for me. thank you so much.

    this is my FB ( i hope to see your signature image in my birthday. put my name as a sign that it`s for me. hihi

    more power to your group and more projects to come. i will always love this group(JADE) because you inspired me a lot.
    continue inspiring people to look beautiful by wearing hijab.

    truely yours: sohaila<3

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